You are already beautiful.”Our mission is to make you feel that way.” “Culture” is a cotton clothing label – styled, designed and created by Gunjan Kanwar, Jaipur. We seek to delight you with apparels that you love ñ flattering silhouettes, stylish designs at affordable prices, allowing you to shine through. Culture was brought into existence to provide you the latest in fashion and help you style the outfits and accessories. Our job doesnít just end at providing you with the best outfits, we make sure to help you look your best by assisting you in styling through our regularly updated blog. Gunjan Kanwar started her personal blog with a desire to share her love for fashion and styling in December 2019. She has experience in the field of Advertising, Social/Digital Marketing, Developing and implementing marketing strategies for various brands. Being a fashion enthusiast and a sui generis stylist, in addition to her blog, she came up with the idea of Culture. The support and love that we got from our viewers were just overwhelming and we were pleasantly surprised at the response we were getting! As it grew, we expanded ourselves into the world of online retail, With little experience except for our gut feel and the tenacity to make it work, there were some struggle and a never-ending supply of self-doubt. At times because of sheer exhaustion, we questioned ourselves if this was worthwhile but we had the passion and never-ending love for fashion. The very reason “Culture” exists today is because of that wave of encouragement and inspiration, which gave us the boost we needed to rise to this challenge. We are always ready to ensure your shopping experience with us is smooth. Either way, we encourage you to be yourself and be expressive in your unique way. After all, you are already beautiful.

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